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Jan 29, 2010
Dian Nuswantoro University was established by Dian Nuswantoro Foundation based on the Decree of National Education Minister, Republic of Indonesia No. 169/D/O/2001 dated August 31, 2001. The University was the merger from the four colleges managed by Dian Nuswantoro Foundation: College of Informatics Management and Computer, College of Economics, College of Foreign Languages, and College of Health.

The merger into University is to improve the organizational health of Dian Nuswantoro University in its educational management. In the University, those colleges become successively Faculty of Computer Science, Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Languages and Letters, and Faculty of Health. A new faculty – Faculty of Engineering – was established to make the University with five faculties. In 2002 Dian Nuswantoro University established Postgraduate Program in Informatics Engineering based on Decree No. 1322/D/T/2002 dated July 5, 2002. Up to now Dian Nuswantoro University has five faculties with 18 study programs, and Postgraduate Program with one study program.

Udinus’s management commits to improve the quality of education to match with the new paradigm of educational governance in Indonesia. Some of the triggers for this commitment include the implementations of Act No. 20/2003 on the national education system, Higher Education Long Term Strategies (HELTS) 2003 – 2010, and Act Draft of Education Legal Corporate. This results in the changes of statute, vision, mission, goals, and objectives of Udinus to adapt with the government policies and global changes. The improvement aims at creating quality education management to produce qualified graduates who can compete in local, regional, and global markets.
To ensure the quality education in Udinus, Rector issued Rector Decree No. 204/Kep/UDN-01/VI/2006 on the establishment of Quality Assurance Board in Udinus. In implementing its quality assurance, Udinus is assisted by ITB’s Quality Assurance Unit. The assistance is a part of MoU between Udinus and ITB signed by the Rectors of both universities in March 2006. The MoU covers cooperation in research, twinning program, and quality assurance. On 28 June 2006 Udinus submitted self-evaluation report and quality assurance documents to ITB which was then followed by site visit on 29 June 2006 to know the real situations of teaching and learning process, facilities, and curriculum.
Udinus’s commitment for quality higher education is realized by the improvements in laboratory, library, lecturer degree pursue for master and doctorate programs, information system, etc. To achieve the student satisfaction in study, Udinus also established Polyclinic Unit which serves students, lecturers, staffs in maintaining their health. Udinus also established a campus television unit called TV-KU (Udinus’s Campus Television) to accommodate the student creativities in broadcasting and multimedia. The license for the television station is issued by the Government of Central Java Province. With its mission “Developing Science and Technology”, TV-KU programs focus on educational programs which are broadcasted everyday at 1 pm to 10 pm.